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Pool EnclosuresPool Enclosures - There is a wide range of options for pool screen enclosures. Here are some examples, including commercial swimming pool enclosures and above ground domes.

Above ground pool enclosures usually come in the form of a "dome" and they are building according to the pool size, so the screen enclosure will keep you warm inside, protecting the pool at the same time...

Some models of above ground pool screen enclosures;

28' Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Sun Dome Cover Enclosure Heater Sundome 21 Panels


This above ground pool enclosure warms the air (40 degrees) and water with solar heat up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It also protects your pool from leaves, bugs, debris and early spring or late summer breezes. Moreover, because your pool is protected, you cut down on the use of chemicals and expensive cleaning costs. This pool enclosure dome includes a tailor made vinyl and aluminum enclosure. The Fabrico Sun Dome is a heavy 12-gauge vinyl pool enclosure that is supported by a series of aluminum tubes. The frame is 1" diameter polished aluminum tubes. The crystal clear cover is heat-sealed to fit the tubes based on pool specifications, to provide a tailored fit for every pool size. Sturdy double-zipper doors and windows, each above ground pool enclosure has one door opening with two heavy duty two-sided nylon zippers as well as one or more fiberglass screened window flaps/openings for flow-thru ventilation. Both doors and windows come with vinyl tabs to hold flaps in place. Solid and secure enclosure framework (the bottom edge of the enclosure) is 24-gauge or double thickness, and has a series of grommets. Neoprene shock cords are then attached to the grommets and hooked onto the base of the dome. This system ensures that the vinyl enclosure is held securely over the pool framework, making the Sun Dome an extra strong framework.

Above ground pool enclosure dome
Above Ground Pool Enclosure Dome

$1,639.00 each
(International shipping)
Buy at Pool Sun Domes
(Check out through Amazon)

12' Rnd Above Ground Pool Enclosure Screen Dome (10 panels)

Item #: 23-SD1012S

The Fabrico Screen Dome is a new product that combines a 12-mil vinyl material and a new strong 11-ounce mesh screen. This above ground pool enclosure screen dome has a vinyl beanie on top and screen material starts at the bend in the poles of the framework. The screen dome still gives you some of the heating effects of our original vinyl dome, but it allows for increased ventilation for the warmer climates, and it will keep your pool free from debris, dirt, and bugs just like the original.

Above ground pool screen dome
Above Ground Pool Screen Dome

$879.99 each
(International shipping)
Buy at Pools Etc Inc.
(Check out through Google)

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18' Rnd Above Ground Pool Sun Dome

This sun dome enclosure for your above ground pool will lengthen your swimming season and keep your pool cleaner from harmful air-borne debris and pollutants. The above ground pool domes come in two shapes either rounds or ovals. This above ground pool enclosure will fit most round or oval above ground pools. This sun dome also helps prevent water evaporation and is easy to assemble. For an above ground pool it would take 2 people about 2 or 3 hours to put up. Once it is assembled it is very easy to take down and put up again.

  • Item #: 23-SD1318
  • 13 panels.
  • Keeps cool breeze out.
  • Solar heating of the dome will allow for a 15 to 20 degree gain in temperature.
  • Keeps bugs, leaves and other debris out of pool.
  • Heavy 12-gauge construction.
  • Custom made dome fits your pool exact.
  • Typical installation takes 2 hours.
  • Includes cover, frame, and hardware.
  • 1 year manufacture Warranty
  • Will handle up to 40mph wind.
  • Domes are not made to withstand snow.
Above ground pool screen enclosure (Click to enlarge)
Above Ground Pool Enclosure Screen Dome

$879.99 each
(International shipping)
Buy at Pools Etc Inc.
(Check out through Google)