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Privacy Swimming Pool ScreensPrivacy Swimming Pool Screens - Information on privacy swimming pool screens and pool enclosures, models, sizes, companies who install them. Commercial pool enclosures, above ground enclosures, and pool enclosures in general.

There is a wide range of options for pool screen enclosures. Here are some examples, including commercial swimming pool enclosures and above ground domes.

Products listed here are just an example, check product source for more information, we tried to show you here pool screen enclosures offered by companies that will assist you during the whole process, from choosing the style, form and materials to use, to the installation and maintenance of the pool enclosure.

Freestanding Retractable Enclosures

Offered by Libart

"Never miss a day of relaxation in your own backyard pool through the four seasons. Libart will design, engineer, and install a custom retractable pool enclosure for family fun, personal freedom, and social flexibility. In minutes you can convert your outdoor pool or patio to an indoor recreational facility with Libart's telescoping magic".

E, D, or V system. choose the form and the size of the pool enclosure according with the number of screen panels. 4, 6 or 8 parts segmented for small, medium or large pools. V system will give your pool area the style of a commercial swimming pool enclosure facility. E systems are great for spa and hot tubs too. All systems have Libart's SecureTrack™ rail system and they are retractable.

Glass pool enclosures (Click to enlarge)
Glass Pool Enclosures

Libart retractable structures are engineered to IBC (International Building Code) for site specific requirements (wind & snow) and custom built to your exact specifications. Therefore, without site information and the final design, an accurate price cannot be quoted. Please contact Libart to request a quote.

Inground Pool Domes

Plastimyd In-Ground Arena Dome

The pool sits idle most of the year when it could remain open and enjoyed for much of the year with a dome enclosure, especially in the late fall and early spring. Plastimayd's Space Arena® is a tough, spacious and affordable kind of swimming pool enclosures that completely covers the swimming pool and as much of the deck area as desired giving you additional recreational or lounging area. The Space Arena® is designed for residential use and is custom made in sizes up to 30 x 60 feet with your choice of color tops! The dome is made of specially formulated, durable ultra-violet resistant material and each unit is custom made to fit the architectural and functional needs of most backyards.

  • Air deflector to increase circulation
  • Stainless steel, corrosion resistant hardware
  • Easy care, maintenance and storage
  • Requires a blower, not included
  • 3 sizes to choose (19'x32', 20'x36', 28'x48')
Pool dome (Click to enlarge)
Pool Dome

$799.99 - $2199.99 each
(depends on the size)
(International shipping)
Buy at Pool Etc Inc
(Check out through Google)

Commercial Pool EnclosuresCommercial Enclosures - Check here some models of commercial pool enclosures, they are large screened enclosures for swimming pools and pools on recreational facilities, most of them are metal framed with roofs that can be opened.

Above Ground Pool EnclosureAbove Ground Enclosure - Above ground pool enclosures usually come in the form of a "dome" and they are building according to the pool size, so the screen enclosure will keep you warm inside, protecting the pool at the same time...

All information on this page was submitted on January 2009 - Check product source for any changes.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

AquaShield - Pool enclosures specialists, different models according to your pool dimensions, international services, check site for pictures of the pool enclosures and contact an specialist. www.aquashield.com

Pools Etc Inc. - Swimming Pool supplies, kits and more. Check out some above ground pool enclosure domes. Online buying and shipping options through Google Check out. www.poolsinc.com

Libart - Pool enclosures systems, Choose between 3 systems, all enclosures are designed to suit your specifications. Online request form available, International services. www.libart.com

All Weather - Pool and patio enclosures: screen, glass enclosures, sunrooms, installed throughout the United States. www.poolpatioenclosures.info

Telescopic Pool Enclosures

Offered by AquaShield™

Aqua Shield™ Inc. is a manufacturer of state of the art Telescopic Pool Enclosures and Pool Covers. "Our unique patented design allows the enclosure to slide over your swimming pool or patio in seconds letting you enjoy the benefits of summer all year round".

These pool enclosures have all the advantages of traditional enclosures, and incorporate a one-piece seamless aluminum frame design for strength, beauty and easy operation. It maintains a watertight seal and generates a solar energy for a comfortable maintenance free swimming pool environment. AquaShield™ pool enclosures are manufactured in the US, and are made with the highest quality materials produced by General Electric and Alcoa Aluminum.

For more information and request a quote, call 1 (800) 613-3339.

Screen Enclosures

Northern Screen Enclosures

Offered by All Weather Pool and Patio Enclosures

Engineered for ice and snow, with drop down roof panels. These drop down panel enclosures come in two roof designs: gable or shed, with drop down roof panels that drop down in less than fifteen minutes. Pricing for this screen pool enclosure is calculated as follows: length in feet x width in feet x $19.00.

Screened pool enclosures (Click to enlarge)
Glass Screened Pool Enclosures

Contact All Weather Pool and Patio Enclosures for orders and more information.